Access your Card Record

From the 1st April 2015, patients were able to view their Summary Care Record online. This included medications, allergies and adverse reactions.  From April 2016 you will also be able to view your test results and illnesses.  Currently however it is only NHS England that have to comply with this new directive.  Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland do not think it necessary nor advisable because of the potential anxiety that this may cause.  Please be reassured that a Doctor, with many years of medical training, has looked at all of your blood results and monitored your care accordingly.  The workload pressures of General Practice prohibit us from spending further time explaining any results to you so please bear this in mind when accessing your records.

Registration for this service is required. Access to records online will be an extension to the existing online appointments and repeat prescription service.  You do need to be registered for this service, therefore either speak to our reception team for a NEW registration form or download it by clicking here.  Please note, if you are already registered for our existing online services, you will need to complete an additional registration part for access to your Summary Care Record.  There are strict data protection and confidentiality guidelines to follow for this additional online access, therefore you will be required to provide in person evidence of your ID which is explained on the NEW registration form before you can access this additional online service.  

For more information and to read the Patient Guidance Booklet, please click here