Muscular & Joint Pain Clinic - Specialist Orthopaedic Practitioner

COVID-19 Update - This service is now able to resume face to face appointments.  Please speak to our reception team who will schedule your appointment for one of the clinics hosted at the surgery.

The normal service is: As part of increasing patient access to care, since November 2017 patients have had direct access to a Specialist Orthopaedic Practitioner at the Surgery for an initial assessment prior to onward investigation or treatment.  This has avoided the need to see your GP first.  The clinics are available on Monday and Wednesday by appointment only. From May 2019 you have been able to book your appointment with the Practitioner directly if you are registered for Online Services. Online appointments for this clinic are currently not available to book during the pandemic

In the past, when you had aches, pains or an injury you booked an appointment with your GP who then referred you for the assessment and thereafter following this assessment you may have been referred for further investigation, xrays, physiotherapy etc.  Now, you can book an assessment appointment with this in-house Specialist Orthopaedic Practitioner directly with either our reception team or using the online services, avoiding the need to see your GP first to facilitate the assessment referral.

Please note our reception team will ask you some questions to ensure this direct service is appropriate for your needs, therefore do please ensure you provide them with as much information as possible.   Our reception team have completed essential training for this service and the questions they may ask you are required by the Practitioner to ensure appropriateness for you.  An appointment will be offered, you attend for your initial assessment and any ongoing treatment will be discussed with you.  If the Specialist Orthopaedic Practitioner decides you do need physiotherapy you will be referred for this.

We will continue to host the weekly clinics with Healthshare Physiotherapy at the Surgery 2 days per week.  It is therefore likely that should you require physiotherapy, the Orthopaedic Practitioner will refer you to them for treatment at the Surgery.