Patient Surveys

eConsult - Patient Feedback 2018

eConsult automatically requests a patient’s feedback once the service has been used.  This is collated and reports are sent periodically to Richmond Surgery for our information.  Click below to read some of the patient feedback comments that have been made, positives and negatives since eConsult was made available at Richmond Surgery.   We do review and take note of these comments and are informed that eConsult does the same.

eConsult Patient Feedback

NHS England GP Patient Survey - 2018

The following NHS England Patient Survey was carried out between Jan to March 2018.  232 surveys were issued, 106 surveys were returned resulting in a 46% completion rate. The results can be seen by clicking on the following link:


NEHF CCG Patient Survey 2017 - Extended Opening 7 Days Per Week

We would appreciate your help in completing a short patient survey.  There is a national directive from NHS England to increase patient access to GP services outside of core working hours from the 1st April 2017.

The GP practices in the Fleet locality (Fleet Medical Centre, Branksomewood Healthcare Centre, Richmond Surgery and Crondall New Surgery) would like to be able to deliver these services for Fleet patients.  If that is not achievable, the services would be delivered by another provider (as is already the case for "Out Of Hours" care).

The Fleet Practices need to assess the needs of our patient population to guide us as to how and when it is best to provide this extended access. We would be very grateful if you could read the questions (and consider your responses) carefully. The survey may take 5-15 minutes to complete. We have tried to keep the survey as simple as possible but please be aware of the difference between "book ahead" (routine) and "book on the day" (urgent) appointments and where this is reflected in the questions. If you feel you have answered questions wrongly you can go back and change your response.

The survey will close on 23rd January 2017.  Please click on the following link which will take you directly to the survey Extended Access survey for Fleet

Thank you for participating.
Drs King, Sinclair, Hatley, Gossage & Lingham

Richmond Surgery - 2014/2015 Patient Survey

Our 2014/2015 patient survey attracted the highest level of responders than in previous years, with 1277 patients participating. This represents just over 10% of our patient population.  As many patients are aware, Richmond Surgery has introduced many new services, systems and increased patient access to clinical care over the last 3 years. We therefore wanted this survey to establish how successfully these were working, but also to acertain patient awareness of these.

We would like to say thank to all the patients who participated.  We are very pleased with the results, but as with any Surgery, there are always areas that could do with adjustments and/or further improvements which we shall continue to endeavour to achieve.

Drs King & Partners

To read the results of the 2014/2015 please click on the Reports below:

A summary of the survey results - click here
A formal written Reporting Template - click here


2013/2014 Survey "Clinical Care, Access & Services"

This 2013/2014 patient survey “Clinical Care, Access and Services” was issued to review all those new services and systems introduced over the last 18-24 months as a result of past Surveys below and their subsequent Action Plans, some actions very recently, to establish how successfully these were working, but also where further adjustments may be required or further improvements made. 

To read the results of the 2013/2014 please click on the Reports below:

Summary Written Findings including 2013/2014 Action Plan
Graph Report - providing statistics and breakdown
Statistics at a glance - Prepared by the PPG

2012/2013 Survey "Surgery Services & Patient Care"

In January 2012, Richmond Surgery carried out a patient survey entitled "Appointments and Access to Care". As a result of this survey, many new systems and improvements were introduced.  Full details and results of that survey, together with up to date information on the Action Plan are available below at  "January 2012 Appointments and Access Survey".

In December 2012 we carried out a 2nd patient survey entitled "Surgery Services and Patient Care".  The results of this survey are now available.

Please click on the immediate links below to read the Summary Results, Report and the Practice's proposed Action Plan.  The Action Plan will be updated periodically.

Summary of Survey Results

Summary  Report

Action Plan      

Addendum: Interim Nursing Survey


2011/2012 Survey "Appointment & Access"

In conjunction with the Practice's Patient Participation Group (PPG) and members of the Practice's Virtual Patient Representative Group (VPRG), the following Appointment & Access to Care Survey was carried out in January 2012.

Please click on the links below to see the survey results, report and the Practice's proposed Action Plan together with updates.

Summary of Survey Results

Summary  Report

Action Plan