Feedback & Complaints

The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) is a way of gathering your feedback, so we can continually review our service. Your feedback will help us learn more about what you think of your experience – what you like and what you think we could improve. Ultimately, you’re helping us to make changes that will ensure we can offer the best possible care. Please use the ‘Feedback’ form below.

We are aware that things can go wrong resulting in an unsatisfied experience. Please fill out the feedback form to advise us about any concerns you may have.

If you need to raise a formal complaint please be aware that this triggers a lengthy process that requires a number of formal steps to be followed. It uses a number of hours and resources to investigate thoroughly with all relevant staff. Your consideration of this is appreciated. If you decide to raise a formal complaint please use the ‘Complaint’ form below. Your complaint will be acknowledged as soon as possible but the whole investigation process may take several weeks.

These forms are for feedback only and no requests for medications, appointments or other issues will be actioned.