Practice History

Welcome to our surgery, a place where care and innovation intersect. Established back in 1965 by the visionary Dr. Jan Newell Price, our journey began modestly with a simple wooden structure on Basingbourne Road. At that time, the road itself was untamed, reflecting the pioneering spirit that ignited our passion for serving the community.

Fast forward to 1980, and our practice had already experienced remarkable growth in patient numbers. Recognizing the need for a more expansive and purpose-built facility, we relocated to our current premises, tucked away behind the bustling Linkway Parade. This new space allowed us to extend our exceptional general practitioner services to a remarkable 7,500 patients.

As time went on, our patient population continued to flourish, reaching a staggering 14,600 by July 2022. However, this remarkable growth posed a unique challenge: our building and site could no longer comfortably accommodate the increasing demand for our services. Undeterred by this hurdle, our dedicated Partners embarked on a mission to enhance our capacity and provide an even better experience for our valued patients.

In 2015, our tenacity bore fruit when we secured funding to create a new entrance to the surgery, complete with automated doors for seamless accessibility. This transformation marked just the beginning of our commitment to modernizing our facilities. In 2016, we successfully obtained additional funding to replace the original, weathered wooden windows and rear access doors with state-of-the-art uPVC alternatives. By doing so, we not only increased energy efficiency but also embraced a contemporary aesthetic that reflects our forward-thinking approach.

But our renovations didn't stop there. We took the opportunity to revamp our external features, replacing the aging fascias, soffits, and gutters, further elevating the appeal of our surgery. Internally, we embarked on various smaller-scale projects, such as replacing our antiquated staff kitchenette. In May 2021, we underwent significant internal reconfiguration to accommodate an additional Nurse Treatment Room, necessitating the relocation of our kitchenette and adjustments to our reception back of house. These transformations are a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional care and comfort to our patients.

As we continue to grow and strive for excellence, we remain committed to expanding our capacity, introducing new services, and refining our premises. We actively pursue opportunities to secure additional funding, enabling us to successfully achieve these goals. Our team is fueled by a shared vision of creating a welcoming and modern environment that not only meets the needs of our patients but exceeds their expectations.

We are looking forward to providing state of the art premises to enhance patient experience when attending the surgery, we are committed to providing compassionate and cutting-edge services that make a difference in people's lives. Together, let's build a healthier future.

Please click here for Richmond Surgery's formal Mission Statement & Practice Charter